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1 : cheap blade & soul gold
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I was be there for you.
cheap blade & soul gold

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[ ユーザー名 : Lavonn ] [ 日付 : 2016.07.31 (Sun) 22:27:03 ]
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</a>In some of the photo&#8217;s, the shadows seem more aggressive on the 360. Textures are more sharp and pronounced on PS3, the choice of anti-aliasing on PS3 is also better and more more sharper (highly noticeable on some of character close ups and by the prison bars), but as a result, it looks like there&#8217;s a little bit more shimmer on the edges on the PS3 screens. It does however look good on both; i&#8217;d say go with whatever platform you prefer, and for me; it&#8217;s the PS3.VN:R_U [1f]1.7_11619(.rom 2 votes)